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NeosLab, as a dedicated entity committed to enhancing user experience and promoting technological advancements, consistently delivers timely updates of SnoopGod. These updates align seamlessly with the release schedule of Ubuntu LTS versions, thereby offering the community a stable foundation upon which to build their projects and roadmaps.

By synchronizing with Ubuntu LTS releases, NeosLab ensures that users can confidently integrate the latest open-source upstream capabilities into their systems, fostering innovation and progress within the community. This strategic approach not only fosters predictability but also empowers users to leverage cutting-edge features and enhancements, thereby optimizing their workflows and maximizing efficiency.

VersionCodenameReleaseEnd of SupportDownload
SnoopGod v24.04.2 LTSNoble NumbatJune 29th, 2024April 2029Details
SnoopGod v24.04.1 LTSNoble NumbatApril 19th, 2024April 2029Details
SnoopGod v22.04.4 LTSJammy JellyfishFebruary 27th, 2024April 2027Details
SnoopGod v22.04.3 LTSJammy JellyfishJanuary 2th, 2024April 2027Details

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