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  • princeprocessor - Standalone password candidate generator using the PRINCE algorithm


Usage: princeprocessor [options] [<] wordlist 
* Startup:
-V, --version Print version
-h, --help Print help
* Misc:
--keyspace Calculate number of combinations
* Optimization:
--pw-min=NUM Print candidate if length is greater than NUM
--pw-max=NUM Print candidate if length is smaller than NUM
--elem-cnt-min=NUM Minimum number of elements per chain
--elem-cnt-max=NUM Maximum number of elements per chain
--wl-dist-len Calculate output length distribution from wordlist
--wl-max=NUM Load only NUM words from input wordlist or use 0 to disable
-c, --dupe-check-disable Disable dupes check for faster initial load
--save-pos-disable Save the position for later resume with -s
* Resources:
-s, --skip=NUM Skip NUM passwords from start (for distributed)
-l, --limit=NUM Limit output to NUM passwords (for distributed)
* Files:
-o, --output-file=FILE Output-file
* Amplifier:
--case-permute For each word in the wordlist that begins with a letter
generate a word with the opposite case of the first letter

Install princeprocessor
sudo apt install princeprocessor
Remove princeprocessor
sudo apt remove princeprocessor

  • libc6 - GNU C Library - Shared libraries

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