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  • nasty - Tool which helps you to recover your GPG passphrase


nasty v1.0, (C) 2005-2022 by folkert@vanheusden.com 
-a x set minimum length of passphrase
-b x set maximum length
-m x set guessing mode:
incremental: try them all
random: try at random
file: read phrases from file (use -i)
-i x file to read the passphrases from
-f x file to write the found passphrase to
-c x... charset, one or more from the following:
a: a-z
A: A-Z
0: 0-9
.: all ascii values (32...126)
+: 32...255 (default(!))
-k x filter string to select a key
-v enable verbose mode

Install nasty
sudo apt install nasty
Remove nasty
sudo apt remove nasty


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