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  • hashdeep - Recursively compute hashsums or piecewise hashings


hashdeep version 4.4 by Jesse Kornblum and Simson Garfinkel. $ hashdeep [OPTION]... [FILES]...
-c <alg1,[alg2]> - Compute hashes only. Defaults are MD5 and SHA-256
legal values: md5,sha1,sha256,tiger,whirlpool,
-p <size> - piecewise mode. Files are broken into blocks for hashing
-r - recursive mode. All subdirectories are traversed
-d - output in DFXML (Digital Forensics XML)
-k <file> - add a file of known hashes
-a - audit mode. Validates FILES against known hashes. Requires -k
-m - matching mode. Requires -k
-x - negative matching mode. Requires -k
-w - in -m mode, displays which known file was matched
-M and -X act like -m and -x, but display hashes of matching files
-e - compute estimated time remaining for each file
-s - silent mode. Suppress all error messages
-b - prints only the bare name of files; all path information is omitted
-l - print relative paths for filenames
-i/-I - only process files smaller than the given threshold
-o - only process certain types of files. See README/manpage
-v - verbose mode. Use again to be more verbose
-d - output in DFXML; -W FILE - write to FILE.
-j <num> - use num threads (default 12)

Install hashdeep
sudo apt install hashdeep
Remove hashdeep
sudo apt remove hashdeep


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