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  • fcrackzip - Password cracker for zip archives


USAGE: fcrackzip [-b|--brute-force] use brute force algorithm
[-D|--dictionary] use a dictionary
[-B|--benchmark] execute a small benchmark
[-c|--charset characterset] use characters from charset
[-h|--help] show this message
[--version] show the version of this program
[-V|--validate] sanity-check the algorithm
[-v|--verbose] be more verbose
[-p|--init-password string] use string as initial password/file
[-l|--length min-max] check password with length min to max
[-u|--use-unzip] use unzip to weed out wrong passwords
[-m|--method num] use method number "num" (see below)
[-2|--modulo r/m] only calculcate 1/m of the password
file... the zipfiles to crack
methods compiled in (* = default):
0: cpmask
1: zip1
*2: zip2, USE_MULT_TAB

Install fcrackzip
sudo apt install fcrackzip
Remove fcrackzip
sudo apt remove fcrackzip

  • libc6 - GNU C Library - Shared libraries

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