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  • changeme - Default credential scanner


usage: changeme.py [-h] [--all] [--category CATEGORY] [--contributors] [--debug] [--delay DELAY] [--dump] [--dryrun] [--fingerprint] [--fresh] [--log LOG] [--mkcred] [--name NAME] [--noversion] [--proxy PROXY] [--output OUTPUT] [--oa] [--protocols PROTOCOLS] [--portoverride] [--redishost REDISHOST] [--redisport REDISPORT] [--resume] [--shodan_query SHODAN_QUERY] [--shodan_key SHODAN_KEY] [--ssl] [--threads THREADS] [--timeout TIMEOUT]
[--useragent USERAGENT] [--validate] [--verbose]
Default credential scanner v1.2.3
positional arguments:
target Target to scan. Can be IP, subnet, hostname, nmap xml file, text file or proto://host:port
-h, --help show this help message and exit
--all, -a Scan for all protocols
--category CATEGORY, -c CATEGORY
Category of default creds to scan for
--contributors Display cred file contributors
--debug, -d Debug output
--delay DELAY, -dl DELAY
Specify a delay in milliseconds to avoid 429 status codes default=500
--dump Print all of the loaded credentials
--dryrun Print urls to be scan, but don\´t scan them
--fingerprint, -f Fingerprint targets, but don\´t check creds
--fresh Flush any previous scans and start fresh
--log LOG, -l LOG Write logs to logfile
--mkcred Make cred file
--name NAME, -n NAME Narrow testing to the supplied credential name
--noversion Don\´t perform a version check
--proxy PROXY, -p PROXY
HTTP(S) Proxy
--output OUTPUT, -o OUTPUT
Name of result file. File extension determines type (csv, html, json).
--oa Output results files in csv, html and json formats
--protocols PROTOCOLS
Comma separated list of protocols to test: http,ssh,ssh_key. Defaults to http.
--portoverride Scan all protocols on all specified ports
--redishost REDISHOST
Redis server
--redisport REDISPORT
Redis server
--resume, -r Resume previous scan
--shodan_query SHODAN_QUERY, -q SHODAN_QUERY
Shodan query
--shodan_key SHODAN_KEY, -k SHODAN_KEY
Shodan API key
--ssl Force cred to SSL and fall back to non-SSL if an SSLError occurs
--threads THREADS, -t THREADS
Number of threads, default=10
--timeout TIMEOUT Timeout in seconds for a request, default=10
--useragent USERAGENT, -ua USERAGENT
User agent string to use
--validate Validate creds files
--verbose, -v Verbose output

Install changeme
sudo apt install changeme
Remove changeme
sudo apt remove changeme


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