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  • ccrypt - Secure encryption and decryption of files and streams


Usage: ccrypt [mode] [options] [file...] ccencrypt [options] [file...]
ccdecrypt [options] [file...]
ccat [options] file...
-e, --encrypt encrypt
-d, --decrypt decrypt
-c, --cat cat; decrypt files to stdout
-x, --keychange change key
-u, --unixcrypt decrypt old unix crypt files
-h, --help print this help message and exit
-V, --version print version info and exit
-L, --license print license info and exit
-v, --verbose print progress information to stderr
-q, --quiet run quietly; suppress warnings
-f, --force overwrite existing files without asking
-m, --mismatch allow decryption with non-matching key
-E, --envvar var read keyword from environment variable (unsafe)
-K, --key key give keyword on command line (unsafe)
-k, --keyfile file read keyword(s) as first line(s) from file
-P, --prompt prompt use this prompt instead of default
-S, --suffix .suf use suffix .suf instead of default .cpt
-s, --strictsuffix refuse to encrypt files which already have suffix
-F, --envvar2 var as -E for second keyword (for keychange mode)
-H, --key2 key as -K for second keyword (for keychange mode)
-Q, --prompt2 prompt as -P for second keyword (for keychange mode)
-t, --timid prompt twice for encryption keys (default)
-b, --brave prompt only once for encryption keys
-y, --keyref file encryption key must match this encrypted file
-r, --recursive recurse through directories
-R, --rec-symlinks follow symbolic links as subdirectories
-l, --symlinks dereference symbolic links
-T, --tmpfiles use temporary files instead of overwriting (unsafe)
-- end of options, filenames follow

Install ccrypt
sudo apt install ccrypt
Remove ccrypt
sudo apt remove ccrypt

  • libc6 - GNU C Library - Shared libraries
  • libcrypt1 - Libcrypt shared library
  • elpa-ps-ccrypt - Emacs addon for working with files encrypted with ccrypt

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