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SnoopGod Linux 24.04.2 - Unleashing New Security Tools and Enhancements

Discover the Latest Release of SnoopGod Linux 24.04.2

29 Jun 2024
5-7 min read


SnoopGod Linux, the security-focused operating system, has just released version 24.04.2, codenamed "Noble Numbat." This update brings an arsenal of powerful tools, improved packages, and enhanced security features. Whether you're a seasoned pentester, a curious enthusiast, or a privacy-conscious user, Noble Numbat has something for you.

What's New in SnoopGod Linux 24.04.2?

1. New Security Tools

SnoopGod Linux now boasts an impressive lineup of security tools to fortify your defenses. Let's dive into the details:


Chkrootkit is your trusty companion for detecting rootkits and suspicious files. It scans your system thoroughly, ensuring that no hidden threats compromise your security.


Goldeneye, not to be confused with the fictional villain, is a stress testing tool specifically designed for web servers. Use it to simulate heavy traffic and identify performance bottlenecks.


Phishing awareness is crucial, and Gophish helps you test your organization's resilience. Create realistic phishing campaigns, assess user responses, and enhance your security posture.


Need remote command execution capabilities? Netexec has you covered. Execute commands on remote systems securely and efficiently.


Expose local servers to the internet without compromising security. Ngrok provides a secure tunnel for your services, making them accessible from anywhere.


Nuclei is a fast and customizable vulnerability scanner. It helps you identify security issues in web applications and APIs.


Mapping open ports on your network is essential for security. PortMapper simplifies this task, allowing you to understand your network's exposure.


Shc is a shell script compiler. It obfuscates your scripts, making reverse engineering more challenging for potential attackers.


Hunting down social media accounts by username? Sherlock is your detective tool. Uncover online footprints and enhance your OSINT investigations.

Subfinder and Sublist3r

Subdomain enumeration is critical for reconnaissance. These tools help you discover hidden subdomains, potentially exposing vulnerabilities.


Anonymize your network traffic with Torbridge. Protect your privacy and browse securely.


Searching for secrets in code repositories? Trufflehog scans for sensitive information like API keys, passwords, and tokens.


Cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerabilities are common. Xsser helps you identify and mitigate these risks.

2. Package Updates

SnoopGod Linux stays current with the latest software:

  • Beef-XSS, Burpsuite, Exploitdb, Ghidra: All updated to their latest versions.
  • Linux Kernel 6.8.0-36-generic: Enhanced performance and security.
  • Maltego and Metasploit: Upgraded for better functionality.
  • Tor Browser: Now at its freshest release.

3. Removals

  • Protonvpn: Streamlining the system.
  • Unused Wallpapers: Decluttering for a cleaner experience.


SnoopGod Linux 24.04.2 empowers security professionals, researchers, and enthusiasts. Whether you're exploring vulnerabilities, conducting ethical hacking, or safeguarding your digital life, Noble Numbat is your ally.

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Leo G.

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