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  • sucrack - Multithreaded su bruteforcer


Usage: sucrack [-char] [-w num] [-b size] [-s sec] [-u user] [-l rules] wordlist 
The word list can either be an existing file or stdin. In that case, use '-' instead of a file name
h : print this message
a : use ansi escape codes for nice looking statistics
s sec : statistics display interval
c : only print statistics if a key other than ´q´ is pressed
r : enable rewriter
w num : number of worker threads running with
b size : size of word list buffer
u user : user account to su to
l rules : specify rewriting rules; rules can be:
A = all characters upper case
F = first character upper case
L = last character upper case
a = all characters lower case
f = first character lower case
l = last character lower case
D = prepend digit
d = append digit
e = 1337 characters
x = all rules
Environment Variables:
SUCRACK_SU_PATH : The path to su (usually /bin/su or /usr/bin/su)
SUCRACK_AUTH_FAILURE : The message su returns on an authentication
failure (like "su: Authentication failure" or "su: Sorry")
SUCRACK_AUTH_SUCCESS : The message that indicates an authentication
success. This message must not be a password
listed in the wordlist (default is "SUCRACK_SUCCESS")
export SUCRACK_AUTH_SUCCESS="sucrack_says_hello"
sucrack -a -w 20 -s 10 -u root -rl AFLafld dict.txt

Install sucrack
sudo apt install sucrack
Remove sucrack
sudo apt remove sucrack

  • libc6 - GNU C Library - Shared libraries

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