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  • ncrack - High-speed network authentication cracking tool


Usage: ncrack [Options] {target and service specification} TARGET SPECIFICATION:
Can pass hostnames, IP addresses, networks, etc.
Ex: scanme.nmap.org, microsoft.com/24,; 10.0.0-255.1-254
-iX <inputfilename>: Input from Nmap´s -oX XML output format
-iN <inputfilename>: Input from Nmap´s -oN Normal output format
-iL <inputfilename>: Input from list of hosts/networks
--exclude <host1[,host2][,host3],...>: Exclude hosts/networks
--excludefile <exclude_file>: Exclude list from file
Can pass target specific services in <service>://target (standard) notation or
using -p which will be applied to all hosts in non-standard notation.
Service arguments can be specified to be host-specific, type of service-specific
(-m) or global (-g). Ex: ssh://,at=10,cl=30 -m ssh:at=50 -g cd=3000
Ex2: ncrack -p ssh,ftp:3500,25 scanme.nmap.org google.com:80,ssl
-p <service-list>: services will be applied to all non-standard notation hosts
-m <service>:<options>: options will be applied to all services of this type
-g <options>: options will be applied to every service globally
Misc options:
ssl: enable SSL over this service
path <name>: used in modules like HTTP (´=´ needs escaping if used)
db <name>: used in modules like MongoDB to specify the database
domain <name>: used in modules like WinRM to specify the domain
Options which take <time> are in seconds, unless you append ´ms´
(milliseconds), ´m´ (minutes), or ´h´ (hours) to the value (e.g. 30m).
Service-specific options:
cl (min connection limit): minimum number of concurrent parallel connections
CL (max connection limit): maximum number of concurrent parallel connections
at (authentication tries): authentication attempts per connection
cd (connection delay): delay <time> between each connection initiation
cr (connection retries): caps number of service connection attempts
to (time-out): maximum cracking <time> for service, regardless of success so far
-T<0-5>: Set timing template (higher is faster)
--connection-limit <number>: threshold for total concurrent connections
--stealthy-linear: try credentials using only one connection against each specified host
until you hit the same host again. Overrides all other timing options.
-U <filename>: username file
-P <filename>: password file
--user <username_list>: comma-separated username list
--pass <password_list>: comma-separated password list
--passwords-first: Iterate password list for each username. Default is opposite.
--pairwise: Choose usernames and passwords in pairs.
-oN/-oX <file>: Output scan in normal and XML format, respectively, to the given filename.
-oA <basename>: Output in the two major formats at once
-v: Increase verbosity level (use twice or more for greater effect)
-d[level]: Set or increase debugging level (Up to 10 is meaningful)
--nsock-trace <level>: Set nsock trace level (Valid range: 0 - 10)
--log-errors: Log errors/warnings to the normal-format output file
--append-output: Append to rather than clobber specified output files
--resume <file>: Continue previously saved session
--save <file>: Save restoration file with specific filename
-f: quit cracking service after one found credential
-6: Enable IPv6 cracking
-sL or --list: only list hosts and services
--datadir <dirname>: Specify custom Ncrack data file location
--proxy <type://proxy:port>: Make connections via socks4, 4a, http.
-V: Print version number
-h: Print this help summary page.
SSH, RDP, FTP, Telnet, HTTP(S), Wordpress, POP3(S), IMAP, CVS, SMB, VNC, SIP, Redis, PostgreSQL, MQTT, MySQL, MSSQL, MongoDB, Cassandra, WinRM, OWA, DICOM
ncrack -v --user root localhost:22
ncrack -v -T5
ncrack -v -iX ~/nmap.xml -g CL=5,to=1h
SEE THE MAN PAGE (http://nmap.org/ncrack/man.html) FOR MORE OPTIONS AND EXAMPLES

Install ncrack
sudo apt install ncrack
Remove ncrack
sudo apt remove ncrack

  • libc6 - GNU C Library - Shared libraries
  • libgcc-s1 - GCC support library
  • libssl3t64 - Secure Sockets Layer toolkit - Shared libraries
  • libstdc++6 - GNU Standard C++ Library v3

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