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  • medusa - Fast, parallel, modular, login brute-forcer for network services


Medusa v2.2 [http://www.foofus.net] (C) JoMo-Kun / Foofus Networks <jmk@foofus.net> 
ALERT: Host information must be supplied.
Syntax: Medusa [-h host|-H file] [-u username|-U file] [-p password|-P file] [-C file] -M module [OPT]
-h [TEXT] : Target hostname or IP address
-H [FILE] : File containing target hostnames or IP addresses
-u [TEXT] : Username to test
-U [FILE] : File containing usernames to test
-p [TEXT] : Password to test
-P [FILE] : File containing passwords to test
-C [FILE] : File containing combo entries. See README for more information.
-O [FILE] : File to append log information to
-e [n/s/ns] : Additional password checks ([n] No Password, [s] Password = Username)
-M [TEXT] : Name of the module to execute (without the .mod extension)
-m [TEXT] : Parameter to pass to the module. This can be passed multiple times with a
different parameter each time and they will all be sent to the module (i.e.
-m Param1 -m Param2, etc.)
-d : Dump all known modules
-n [NUM] : Use for non-default TCP port number
-s : Enable SSL
-g [NUM] : Give up after trying to connect for NUM seconds (default 3)
-r [NUM] : Sleep NUM seconds between retry attempts (default 3)
-R [NUM] : Attempt NUM retries before giving up. The total number of attempts will be NUM + 1.
-c [NUM] : Time to wait in usec to verify socket is available (default 500 usec).
-t [NUM] : Total number of logins to be tested concurrently
-T [NUM] : Total number of hosts to be tested concurrently
-L : Parallelize logins using one username per thread. The default is to process
the entire username before proceeding.
-f : Stop scanning host after first valid username/password found.
-F : Stop audit after first valid username/password found on any host.
-b : Suppress startup banner
-q : Display module´s usage information
-v [NUM] : Verbose level [0 - 6 (more)]
-w [NUM] : Error debug level [0 - 10 (more)]
-V : Display version
-Z [TEXT] : Resume scan based on map of previous scan

Install medusa
sudo apt install medusa
Remove medusa
sudo apt remove medusa

  • libc6 - GNU C Library - Shared libraries
  • libpq5 - PostgreSQL C Client library
  • libssh2-1t64 - SSH2 client-side library
  • libssl3t64 - Secure Sockets Layer toolkit - Shared libraries
  • libsvn1 - Shared libraries used by Apache Subversion

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