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  • cewl - Custom word list generator


Usage: cewl [OPTIONS] ... <url> 
-h, --help: Show help.
-k, --keep: Keep the downloaded file.
-d <x>,--depth <x>: Depth to spider to, default 2.
-m, --min_word_length: Minimum word length, default 3.
-x, --max_word_length: Maximum word length, default unset.
-o, --offsite: Let the spider visit other sites.
--exclude: A file containing a list of paths to exclude
--allowed: A regex pattern that path must match to be followed
-w, --write: Write the output to the file.
-u, --ua <agent>: User agent to send.
-n, --no-words: Don´t output the wordlist.
-g <x>, --groups <x>: Return groups of words as well
--lowercase: Lowercase all parsed words
--with-numbers: Accept words with numbers in as well as just letters
--convert-umlauts: Convert common ISO-8859-1 (Latin-1) umlauts (ä-ae, ö-oe, ü-ue, ß-ss)
-a, --meta: include meta data.
--meta_file file: Output file for meta data.
-e, --email: Include email addresses.
--email_file <file>: Output file for email addresses.
--meta-temp-dir <dir>: The temporary directory used by exiftool when parsing files, default /tmp.
-c, --count: Show the count for each word found.
-v, --verbose: Verbose.
--debug: Extra debug information.
--auth_type: Digest or basic.
--auth_user: Authentication username.
--auth_pass: Authentication password.
Proxy Support
--proxy_host: Proxy host.
--proxy_port: Proxy port, default 8080.
--proxy_username: Username for proxy, if required.
--proxy_password: Password for proxy, if required.
--header, -H: In format name:value - can pass multiple.
<url>: The site to spider.

Install cewl
sudo apt install cewl
Remove cewl
sudo apt remove cewl

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