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  • bruteforce-salted-openssl - Try to find the passphrase for files encrypted with OpenSSL


Usage: bruteforce-salted-openssl [options] <filename> 
-1 Stop the program after finding the first password candidate.
-a List the available cipher and digest algorithms.
-B <file> Search using binary passwords (instead of character passwords).
Write candidates to <file>.
-b <string> Beginning of the password.
default: ""
-c <cipher> Cipher for decryption.
default: aes-256-cbc
-d <digest> Digest for key and initialization vector generation.
default: md5
-e <string> End of the password.
default: ""
-f <file> Read the passwords from a file instead of generating them.
-h Show help and quit.
-L <n> Limit the maximum number of tested passwords to <n>.
-l <length> Minimum password length (beginning and end included).
default: 1
-M <string> Consider the decryption as successful when the data starts
with <string>. Without this option, the decryption is considered
as successful when the data contains mostly printable ASCII
characters (at least 90%).
-p <n> Preview and check the first N decrypted bytes for the magic string.
If the magic string is present, try decrypting the rest of the data.
default: 1024
-m <length> Maximum password length (beginning and end included).
default: 8
-N Ignore decryption errors (similar to openssl -nopad).
-n Ignore salt (similar to openssl -nosalt).
-s <string> Password character set.
-t <n> Number of threads to use.
default: 1
-v <n> Print progress info every n seconds.
-w <file> Restore the state of a previous session if the file exists,
then write the state to the file regularly (~ every minute).
Sending a USR1 signal to a running bruteforce-salted-openssl process
makes it print progress info to standard error and continue.

Install bruteforce-salted-openssl
sudo apt install bruteforce-salted-openssl
Remove bruteforce-salted-openssl
sudo apt remove bruteforce-salted-openssl

  • libc6 - GNU C Library - Shared libraries
  • libssl3t64 - Secure Sockets Layer toolkit - Shared libraries

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